VisaCentral Pre Checking Service

For urgent visa applications which carry a tight deadline, we are now offering a Pre-Check service to save applicants valuable time. Once you have collected the required documents for your visa application and completed the visa application form, simply scan these items and email them over to our team. One of our experienced Visa Consultants will check the documents and contact you to advise of any potential problems within 2.5 hours of receipt of the email, preventing unnecessary delays to your application. To facilitate this service, please complete the form below, scan it and send it through to us with the rest of your documentation.


We will check and respond to any email received before 3.30pm on any business day. Any email received after 3.30pm will be checked and responded to by 10.30am on the following business day.

Service Fees

Per Destination, Per Traveller
S$51.00 + GST

Fees are exclusive of all other Service Fees, Embassy Fees or Despatch Fees. Fees may vary based on individual rate plans, click here to see fees pertaining to your account.

Please Note

By submitting your documents to VisaCentral for pre-checking you will be consenting to the following statements in addition to the standard VisaCentral terms and conditions:

  • To complete a full and thorough check we will require a scan of the applicant’s identity page(s) of the passport along with any residence visas to be included with the supporting documentation for the visa.
  • VisaCentral will only check the documentation submitted at the time. We will be unable to advise of any missing documentation, please ensure that all documents requested on the VisaCentral website are submitted for pre-checking.
  • The pre-checking service is non-refundable and charges will apply at the time of checking.
  • If the documents require re-checking after amendments have been made additional fees will apply.