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The first step to determine your immigration needs is a conversation with a consultant from our immigration firm Newland Chase.

Newland Chase provides immigration services worldwide with in-depth knowledge and expertise. Our approach focuses on building a personal relationship with you, mitigating non-compliance exposure and providing the flexibility to meet both business and employee needs.

We start with a personal consultation and once you have retained Newland Chase you will have a single point of contact to ensure your case is handled efficiently. We handle everything on your behalf including all necessary application forms and documents. Throughout the immigration process, we will keep you informed with regular updates in addition to monitoring the progress of your case and following up with the relevant authorities if required.

Please complete all of the fields below and submit your request. A $250 consultation fee will be applied towards the final cost of your immigration application. One of our immigration consultants will contact you within 24 hours, during normal business hours.

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